City (RT4160C)


An urbanish design, an optimal protection and an high-end finish, here is the right way to introduce this model.

With their discrete appearance, those gloves have the advantage of offering a classious look that can fit every kind of motorcyclist looking for an elegant pair of gloves for the mid-season / summer.

Their lining is made of black knitting matching to grey foam material, gives to these gloves comfort and hygiene thanks to the easy cleaning of this material with the appropriates products.

To make them homologated, their external layer in cow leather has extra parts doubling the thickness ont the zone that are the most exposed to the abrasion. Some of these quoted parts are perforated to give them a high-end finish.

To complete their compliance, these gloves are reinforced on the external sides of the hands, the palm side and above the knuckles. Even if there is no shell dedicated to protect the knuckles, this part is still reinforced, padded with grey foam material and yellow textile covered by a layer of leather, to protect these of eventual falls.

A scratch flap fastens the glove to the wrist and a second one grips the cuff above a jacket, thus air flux are avoided and cannot disturb the driving experience.

Recommended price : 49.99€ TTC