Urban lady Black & White

RiderTec Urban lady Black & White (RT-2400BW)


This sporty cut jacket is super comfortable. Many attentions have been paid to details to make this jacket as complete as possible, to answer your needs the best it can. The material used in its confection, named Cordura which a sort of Nylon, is waterproof and very tough when it comes to talk about abrasion of it. This make you feel protected, and in like a shell. This sensation is reinforced thanks to the protective elements included in the jacket. Finally light reflective elements of these vests permit you to be seen in the dark, one more security matters when your body is exposed to every road threats.

Press studs (2 per sleeve) and adjustable straps (at the end of the arm and at the waist) are disposed on the jacket so it can fit you as good as your skin does! The neoprene finishes at the collar and sleeves extremities helps making a wind and rain proof barrier so you remain dry while it’s raining cats & dogs outside. The back part of this model shows itself is dedicated to motorcycling practice. Going down, lower than the front it prevents the plumber’s smile induces by the position once riding its machine, so you never get cold from the spine!

On the inside, as for the leather range, there is a fully removable inner lining with two pockets included. In addition we can link a motorcycling pant thanks to the zipper made for it thus you have the perfect riding suit whatever the weather! And when the hottest days come, it is such a relief to feel some fresh air invading the jacket. Thanks to the VENTECH air holes technology you’ll never get too hot, neither too cold though because the zips of these air holes are waterproof!

Technical specifications:

  • Protective Jacket for motorcycling practice made of waterproof Cordura 500D & 1000D
  • Breathable and removable inner lining
  • 3D details effects in the front and the back
  • VENTECH air holes system
  • 2 outside pockets, 3 inside
  • Reflective seam-covering, patches and logo
  • Adjustable straps and press studs on the waist, arms and wrist zones
  • Pant Linking Zipper
  • Cordura and Elbows, Shoulders and Back protectors homologated conforming to CE norm EN13595
  • Available from xS to XXXL

    Recommended price: 179€ TTC

About the components of the Rider-Tec Urban:

Their material (Cordura) is a textile fiber particularly strong created by DuPont. It’s main advantage is being ultra-resistant to the abrasion (4x times more than standard Nylon, 20x more than cotton) which is more than good when it comes to slide on the road.

The homologated protectors will be efficient in protecting the body and the skeleton when impacted / striking the floor. Built to resist to though impacts, these are the essential shell that will absorb the strength of a motorbikes crash.