Urban Black&White

RiderTec Urban Black&White (RT-0163B&W)

Details about the Rider-Tec Urban Black&White

This protective jacket for riders offers a sporty cut but has not forget that comfort matters when safety’s involved. Its synthetic material, Cordura (a sort of Nylon) is waterproof and abrasion resistant according to the European norm EN13595. On this model compared to the Urban Black&Black, some pieces of the jackets are white, helping lights to get reflected even better, another issue of motorcyclists safety.

Press studs and adjustable straps located on the arms, at the wrists and the waist permit us to adjust the fit of the jacket perfectly so the protectors included in it cover what they’re supposed to protect (precisely : shoulders, elbows and forearms, back). As seen on the Black&Black the back is longer than the front to cover the whole back even for hypersport enthusiasts, the neoprene finishes on the collar and wrist prevent water and wind not too get in the jacket too quick so you stay warm, or cool (depending on the season and your wish !). To lower the temperature down during quick laps or summer rides, the VENTECH air holes can be blessed!

Made for being used as an everyday jacket, it has a lot of smart details such as the large amount of pockets available, or the removable inner lining that permits to use it no matter the season.

Technical specifications:

  • Protective Jacket for motorcycling practice made of waterproof Cordura 500D & 1000D
  • Breathable and removable inner lining
  • 3D details effects in the front and the back
  • VENTECH air holes system
  • 2 outside pockets, 3 inside
  • Reflective seam-covering, patches and logo
  • Adjustable straps and press studs on the waist, arms and wrist zones
  • Pant Linking Zipper
  • Cordura and Elbows, Shoulders and Back protectors homologated conforming to CE norm EN13595
  • Available from S to XXXL

    Recommended price: 179€ TTC

Vision 360° : pointez sur le blouson avec le curseur de la souris pour le faire tourner

About the components of the Rider-Tec Urban:

Their material (Cordura) is a textile fiber particularly strong created by DuPont. Its main advantage is being ultra-resistant to the abrasion (4x times more than standard Nylon, 20x more than cotton) which is more than good when it comes to slide on the road.

The homologated protectors will be efficient in protecting the body and the skeleton when impacted / striking the floor. Built to resist to though impacts, these are the essential shell that will absorb the strength of a motorbikes crash.