Race Black (RT4133B)

These gloves adopt a very sporty look. Their fine robe, completely made of leather, has been made to bring the best protection with no compromise on the ergonomy. Developped to give the best mix between comfort and protection, these will be perfect to those who enjoy send the throttle down in the corner.

Homologated as the rest of the range, as en PPI according to the E.U. norm EN13594:2015, these gloves are made with extra leather parts in order to double the thickness of the most exposed parts to the abrasion when falling. This way the palm, the external part of the hand along the index, the phalanges, and knuckle are very well protected. The knuckle are protected thanks to a shell made of polymeric material with a carbon finish.

To conclude, lets focus on the inside of the gloves. Made of grey foam material, it is pretty easy to care of with the appropriate products. The seams whether on the inside than on the outside has been thought very wisely to give the rider the feeling of wearing a second skin to maximise the comfort and so the security because he only has to focus on the road. To provide a perfect fitting, these gloves have a fastening scratch flap made of leather on the wrist.

Recommended price : 59.90€ TTC