Boots (RT11005)

BootsGdModern and discreet, those leather black boots will stay with you on your rides all through the year. Its reinforced sole rubbers provides high wet grip performance even through heavy rain due to its quick water discharge system. Nonetheless those boots provide protection with built-up toe guard and anckle reinforcement and shin guards. Its zip plus Velcro fasteners will provide perfect feet adjustment. Reflective strip on back will provide visibility and rubber reinforcement at primary controls level (clutch and brake) will provide durability.

Technical Specifications:

  • Ref. : RT-11005
  • All season boots
  • Non-slip sole
  • Built-up toe guard and anckle reinforcement
  • Primary controls level reinforcement
    Shin guards
  • Zip plus Velcro fasteners
  • EN13634 homologated
  • Leather / rubber
  • Available in black
  • Size available : 39 to 47

Recommended price : 149€ TTC